27 Meditations To Inspire The Life That Exists Beyond Habitual Fear

All that you seek is on the other side of chaos. This is the journey from the head, to the heart. Request to download this free eBook ;-) xo -Maya


I want to see suffering of the mind end in my lifetime. And I want to experience the world that exists beyond fear.
I knew the only way to do this was to unbecome my own chaos first.
So, with every hardship and rock bottom, I embraced the deep inner knowing I’ve carried with me my whole life, that there had to be a better way.
The world beyond fear I have come to know, is the world of the heart.
I had no idea how much ecstasy born of passion, could exist in this world beyond chaos –
how much positive change could be born of creativity, how much joy could be born of ordinary moments, and how much love can be held in the heart, all a type of magic that is in this world, but not of it – and magic that has become a new ‘normal.’
I believe it to be a state of grace. It is the state that exists beyond fear.
The need to learn to 'trust more' has disappeared, and has been replaced with a burning MUST –
to adhere to the guidance of my heart, to honor my innocence, bow to my creativity and allow passion to take over stopping at nothing less than everything...
And so, I dedicate my life to you having such an experience.
The experience of what exists beyond your own suffering, beyond the chaos you experience.
You are worthy of this, and so much more.

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