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What's Included: 

  1. 6-Months of Deliverables, value $1188
  2. Online White Board Training Sessions, value $1,200
  3. (BONUS) Support Groups and Heart Shares, value $?
  4. (BONUS) Daily Reminders Monthly Library, value $1,800
  5. (BONUS) Office Hours! x12 value, $2,400
  6. (BONUS) A 6-Month Subscription To The Curriculum value, $2,000

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Your A 30-Day Heart-Filled Guarantee: 

Receive month one, begin your journey and if you don’t like it, I’ll refund you (minus my cost of materials and shipping of course) and stop your program, no questions asked.

What They Are Saying...

"I just feel good and I am loving it!!" - Karen

"I am so grateful to my heart for not giving up on me, for bringing me to this place. It feels good to have hope today, right now." - Karla

"I'm so grateful this training is available!" - Shannon


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