The Habit & Behavior Change Curriculum Membership


24/7 access to your Habit & Behavior Change Curriculum portal inclusive of four foundational life courses, all their modules and lessons PLUS the Curriculum Introductory Guide designed to set you up for success

Each life course’s powerful multimedia content including videos, audios, worksheet downloads and more, available 24/7, from any device (computer, tablet or smart phone)

Practical applications and case studies within the Curriculum for deeper integration and understanding of your work

24/7 access to your Do-it-for-her support life course guide regularly filled and updated with access to your office hours, journey mentor program and all additional support opportunities (listed below)

24/7 access to your member-only Facebook support group where you’ll share motivation, wins, potholes and more. It’s there you will feel more supported than you ever have and know that you’re not alone

EASY and simple guides and checklists to help you navigate your Curriculum in both the first 30 days and throughout your journey inside each foundational life course through download-able goals and objectives guides

*my absolute favorite benefit* WEEKLY office hours with me! Questions, comments, wins, stories, potholes, fear storms: share it all here in our weekly video conferencing to get the help and support you need for your successful journey. (Can’t make office hours? No problem, it’s all recorded and uploaded for easy access at your convenience.)

Have a journey question now? Search past office hours topics for help and support when you need it most, any time of day.

*my – second – absolute favorite benefit* Access to the Journey Mentor program, a peer-to-peer program available to all journey-goers. Get access to other journey-goers, who have walked before you, with similar unique life threads as yours, such as moms or entrepreneurs. JMs will show up on a call with you to support you and love you in whatever space and place you’re in at the time.

Become a Journey Mentor! Your journey has only just begun and the journey so much bigger than yourself… As you’ve traveled down the path to permanence and cultivated new habits in your life, you have the opportunity show up for other journey-goers who are walking after you. (And get paid for it!)

Access to member-only events, both online and in your city. As we grow as a community, we support each other through potlucks, dinners, hikes, online meet and greets, Journey Mentor support groups and so much more. Stay in the know with our bi-monthly events emails and MeetUp group schedule.

Member-only rates and discounts on private 1-1 sessions with me, extra-curricular life courses and monthly specials.

New, new, new support is always being added to help increase your awareness and togetherness – the two most important keys to your success – on the journey. In the works now: text message support, download workbooks for each course, monthly CDs for ‘in-your-ear’ awareness, done-for-you nutrition protocols, recipe books and more!

Unlimited potential for new directions in your life, including joining our journey mentor community to help other women working to become the best versions of themselves


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