Your best health and well being have nothing to do with food and everything to do with a belief in your own ENOUGHNESS.


This Curriculum is for all Seekers of a better way.



  • Chronic & Yo-Yo Dieters
  • Emotional Eaters including stress eaters
  • Binge Eaters & Night Eaters
  • Control Freaks
  • Weight Loss intentions
  • General Health & Wellbeing goals
  • Those who want to stop excessive numbing behaviors such as drinking, sex, alcohol, reading or TV
  • The Overworked 
  • The 'Depleted & Defeated'
  • Those who say, "I know what to do I'm just not doing it."
  • Can experience anger 
  • Regular depression
  • Regular feelings of frustration & fighting
  • Underlying stress, anxiety & general consistent uneasiness
  • Exhaustion with no breaks in life
  • Overthinkers
  • Black & White/All-or-Nothing/Pizza-and-Cake, Carrots-and-Celery Thinkers
  • Those who seem like drama is always around them
  • Controlling behavior for themselves and their life
  • Fear of failure
  • Seekers of the 'next shoe dropping' & always 'walking on eggshells'
  • Doubters of real, lasting & permanent change
  • Those really, really smart & well-versed in the 'diet' language 
  • Those who think they 'should be able to do this on their own'
  • Perfectionists & Type-As
  • Those who feel like there's no hope
  • Constant feelings of resistance in life

From Students on the Journey...

Phoenix, Arizona

I just wanted to say a big thank you. You (and your Curriculum) have CHANGED my life COMPLETELY. In every way and aspect of my life you have impacted. I have noticed I'm overall happier and a better person. So thank you thank you thank you. My struggles are now my lessons.

Sarasota, Florida

When I started this, I didn't believe I could do it. I was convinced I would fail. I am so glad I was wrong. I CAN do this. I AM doing this. I am now down 38 pounds and counting. But it is about so much more than that now. I can truly say, I love and honor myself now.

Phoenix, Arizona

I am a true success story of Maya’s! I sought Maya out of frustration with my physical self. Through her I learned to love myself and appreciate the gifts I already had right here, right now. Without Maya, I would have continued on a very downward spiral. Do yourself a favor and take on this Curriculum/coaching process so she can throw you that rope down the rabbit hole we all get stuck in.

What is The Curriculum?

A six month, online habit and behavior change curriculum of foundational life courses providing the tools - for both knowledge and integration - required to change physical, emotional and mental habits and cultivate a belief in your own ENOUGHNESS. (...And yes, become healthier, lose weight effortlessly, grow happier and find complete and unconditional peace of mind). THIS CURRICULUM IS NOT A DIET. IT IS A JOURNEY TO BECOMING THE VERY BEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF YOU.

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There are three ways to invest in your Curriculum, options start as low as $110 a month.

Student Testimony: Denise

I gained so much weight I ballooned up to 298lbs. I walked with a cane and drove a wheel chair shopping cart which was humiliating to say the least. Weight loss is deep for me.

I worked with Maya for two years. I lost 75 pounds. I threw out the cane and I don't use a wheel chair shopping cart...I can walk.

She knew that the mentoring needed a deeper touch so I began the online Curriculum. The work is what I needed to get my ass back to digging deeper within myself. Maya seems to keep me centered so I am honored to do the work.

Don't wait as long as I have waited to take back your life to start enjoying who you are meant to be.

Again Maya, Thank you for shinning your light on the world to light the path for the lost and hopeless. Blessings, D

The Curriculum Formula

This is the formula for permanence used throughout the Curriculum, and the order in which you will travel through your foundational life courses.


The Foundational Life Courses

How to Change a Habit (physical habit change)

This life course will teach you the five step formula required to change physical habits and behaviors (inclusive of food and fitness). This life course will provide your first introduction into resistance management.


Fear of commitment and failure? You can start with this life course only for 49 bucks by clicking here. NOTE: Should you decide to join us in the full Curriculum afterwards, please know, no credit will be available. Please do not inquire. 

How to Feel (emotional habit change)

Emotions drive physical behaviors yet most physical behaviors are habitual, unconscious acts used to drive less-than-desirable emotions away ('sweeping it under the rug'). Emotions are visitors with gifts on your journey and require conversation. For permanent change, a change in your emotional habits is required.

This life course will teach how to change your emotional habits. You will learn what emotions are; their role on your journey; how to feel; how to respectfully respond and transform less-than-desirable emotions; and how to allow emotions to be your journey guide.

How to Think (mental habit change)

Thoughts drive emotions which drive behaviors. In this life course, you will find reference to thought habits inclusive of all-or-nothing, perfectionism, control, fear of failure and more.

This life course will teach how to change your thought habits. You will learn how to differentiate between you and your thoughts; how to use thought redirection and meditation to change old patterns of thought; and how to practice evidence journaling to harness the power of confirmation bias and anchor in new thought systems.

What to Believe (belief change)

Belief systems are repeated thought habits which drive physical, mental/thought and emotional habits. In this curriculum, the most common belief you will uproot will be a deep-seeded belief in your own not-enoughness.

This life course will teach you the truth of your life. This love-based truth will slowly begin to replace mind-created illusionary fear. Your own enoughness will take root as you learn how to change habitual thought patterns through a reduction in your own resistance with processes of surrender and deep let gos. You will learn to differentiate between human aspects and soul aspects to invite unconditional joy and happiness into your life.

Student Testimony: Teresa

Down 38 pounds and counting. But it is about so much more than that now. I can truly say, I love and honor myself now. And the journey has just begun!!!!!

I started making changes to the foods I eat and I am pleased to say that my cravings are changing too. I am starting to believe that things can change FOREVER.

I have noticed that I naturally want to become more active. I like Maya's "don't force it" approach. If it doesn't feel good, I am choosing a different way.

My attitude is also changing, which affects my everything! It seemed harder when I thought it was just about the food. But now I realize it is about so much more.

I realize that I don't have to do it by myself. I know that not all days will be easy, and that is OK. But when they are I am going to sing Halle-freakin-lujah! I am putting forth the effort (reading, journaling, preparing good foods, walking, riding my bike) and I am already feeling a difference in me. And for this I am feeling truly blessed!

Facebook testimony


There are three ways to invest in your Curriculum, options start as low as $110 a month.

Meet Maya, your Curriculum Instructor and listen to her journey to enoughness


Maya Nahra is a behavioral registered dietitian teaching the way to whole health and well-being through a simpler, non-dieting way of life through habit and behavior change and a cultivation of enoughness.

She is the food and nutrition contributor for 3TV, has taught along side thought leaders such as Dr. Melissa McCreery, been featured on ABC and NBC News, Green Living and Taste of Home Magazines and the Elephant Journal.

Maya and has been named one of the top nutritionists from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating while her blog ( ranks number 3 in the country.

What to expect when you say YES to your journey

After investing in your course, you will automatically be directed to your online course library, available from any device (computer, tablet or smart phone). You will then receive the below downloads:

The Curriculum Overview - where you will sign your journey commitment form AND your first 30 days roadmap - where you will set up your own course schedule and navigate through your first foundational life course: How to change a habit. 

Both downloads are below for you to review.

What you'll receive with your investment in the Curriculum

  • 24/7 Lifetime access to your foundational life courses inclusive of all their modules and lessons PLUS all extra curricular life courses
  • Curriculum overview download + your first 30 days roadmap 
  • Foundational life course objectives and goals downloads for easy navigation and direction of what to learn from each course inclusive of estimated completion dates and study time instructions
  • Powerful multi-media content: immerse yourself in mindset whenever you need a boost, for years to come!
  • Audio recordings of case studies and practical applications: listen in your car or on the treadmill. Inspiration is one click away!
  • Worksheets & exercises, mantras and meditations: download at your pleasure for the support you need to shine light on the parts of your path you cannot see. Journal away!
  • Built-In support, encouragement and focus-building to keep you on track.
  • The very processes and tools Maya uses on a daily basis to instantly turn her negative thoughts into positive ones to pave new neural pathways in the brain for a lifetime of new habits and behaviors that align with the body and life you really want.
  • 24/7 lifetime access to the private client Healthy Habits Facebook support group where we only allow clients in so they may connect with and feel supported by others on the same exact journey. In here, you'll know you're not alone.
  • Monthly facebook live videos and #enoughness talks with Maya for constant and ongoing continuing education
  • Access to three levels of additional support and acccountability
  • Unlimited potential for new directions in your life, including joining our journey mentor community to help other women working to become the best versions of themselves 

Student Testimony: Caroline

Healthy habits, what are they exactly? Can you be skeptical and healthy at the same time? Isn't it just about food; eat right, move more and the weight will come off?

Not so says the universe. There is so much more to it and it starts with mindset and flows into your belief system and continues into your feelings of worthiness. I know, it sounds like too much but we are all so much more than we think we are.

In my short time with Maya I have worked hard on my mindset and being positive. I have learned what my triggers are and the choices I have when they occur. Maya has provided me the tools for my life and I will be forever grateful... and I've lost 37 pounds in the process.

Student breakthrough


There's three ways to invest. Including a 'finance with us' option for as low as $110 a month.

Potential Benefits of the Curriculum & Journey

  • Healthy, aligned habits in all areas of health and wellness
  • Healthy, aligned habits in stress and time management
  • Healthy, aligned habits in relationships
  • General health & well-being through a balance in mind and body
  • Unconditional happiness
  • Inner peace & contentment
  • Feelings of fulfillment while being alone
  • Strengthened connection & open communication with Source
  • Balanced, non-extremist living
  • Knowledge & integration of the Divine Universal Perfection
  • Trust in the Perfect Universal Chaos
  • Underlying feelings of ease in daily life
  • Simplicity in living
  • Fulfillment of your life's purpose
  • The knowledge and integration of surrender and letting go
  • Healthy relationships with your emotions & thoughts
  • A natural desire to share kindness & compassion
  • A natural innocence and excitement for the gifts in every moment
  • Present moment focus & living
  • Deepened awareness
  • An existential experience
  • Unconditional joy in your human experience

Curriculum Bonuses

Extra Curricular Life Courses

Extra curricular life courses are additional courses, not required, however are INCLUDED with your investment. Extra curricular life courses include (or will soon include): 

How to Stop Emotional Eating

How to Eat for Weight Loss

How to Communicate

and more

Private Client Facebook Support Group

We're a group of women (and a few good men) on the journey to becoming the best possible version of ourselves through a cultivation of own enoughness. 

Join us in our private group to share wins, bumps in the road, ideas and more. You'll know you're not alone here.

Student Breakthrough

Available Curriculum Support

Do you start and stop things? (An all-or-nothing mental habit by the way.) Should you desire additional support and accountability - even when you feel as though you 'should be able to do it on your own,' there are three levels available:

  1. Level one support includes twice per month, one hour group coaching calls with Maya Nahra, RD, founder of Healthy Habit Solutions and this curriculum. Call schedules are published quarterly. All calls are recorded for anyone who cannot attend and posting questions pre-call is also available.
  2. Level two support includes level one support in addition to twice per month, thirty minute 'Do it for her' calls from our Journey Mentors - women who have been on the journey one or more years with personal coaching from Maya.
  3. Level three support includes both levels one and two in addition to twice per month, thirty minute 1-1 coaching calls with Maya for a duration - and full commitment of - six months (12 calls in total).

Additional levels of support can be invested in after the initial Curriculum investment.


What thoughts your brain will engage in and what to do about them.


"I don't have the cash."

I want you to get really clear on what you plan to get out of your Curriculum... and commit to it!

How much is less stress worth to you?

How much is better health worth to you?

How much is a calmer mind worth to you?

How much is self-acceptance worth to you?

What will you get out of this course and what is that worth to you? If your ROI (return on investment) is at least 100x more than what you are investing, then the Curriculum is clearly for you.

"I've tried everything" & Indecisiveness

You've had a lot of 'failed' past attempts, yet you know... 'If you keep doing the same thing, you'll keep getting the same result.' I love you when I say this... What's the common denominator between everything you've ever said doesn't work? You. So what's really not working? There's a difference between knowledge and integration...


I have to talk with my spouse

No problem. Here's a few tips that will help in clear communication: When you speak with your partner, speak with commitment and faith. Have compassion that they may be fearful of you changing, or worse yet, leaving them when you better your life.

Go into the conversation with facts and a clear understanding of what you've committed to getting out of the Curriculum. Remember: You don't need permission to invest in yourself.


If you're thinking, "Well, what exactly will I be doing in the first life course?" It's explained above and available via download. Needing more information, getting stuck in research and having to understand every detail is a lack of trust and will stall your progress. Please email us with any additional questions at


One last thing...

There's no magic pill here, but there is permanence and a new way of life here...


Click below to discover our three easy investment options.