Ending these habits have nothing to do with the food, alcohol, excessive TV or busy-ness. 

Join the Healthy Habit Solutions community with Behavioral Registered Dietitian, Maya Nahra, for your Habit & Behavior Change Intensive, a half-day of knowledge, integration and transformation, to learn how to powerfully and permanently change not only your unwanted behaviors, but the deeper belief in your own not-enoughness driving the underlying cause of your cyclical self-sabotage and defeat.

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  • Chronic & Yo-Yo Dieters
  • Emotional Eaters including stress eaters
  • Binge Eaters & Night Eaters
  • Weight Loss intentions
  • General Health & Wellbeing goals
  • Those who want to stop excessive numbing behaviors such as drinking, sex, alcohol, reading or TV
  • The Overworked 
  • The 'Depleted & Defeated'
  • Those who say, "I know what to do I'm just not doing it."
  • Can experience anger 
  • Regular depression
  • Regular feelings of frustration & fighting
  • Underlying stress, anxiety & general consistent uneasiness
  • Exhaustion with no breaks in life
  • Overthinkers
  • Black & White/All-or-Nothing/Pizza-and-Cake, Carrots-and-Celery Thinkers
  • Those who seem like drama is always around them
  • Controlling behavior for themselves and their life
  • Fear of failure
  • Seekers of the 'next shoe dropping' & always 'walking on eggshells'
  • Doubters of real, lasting & permanent change
  • Those really, really smart & well-versed in the 'diet' language 
  • Those who think they should be able to do this on their own
  • Perfectionists & Type-As
  • Those who feel like there's no hope
  • Constant feelings of resistance in life

Next Workshop: April 8th and April 29th at the Hampton Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona (Frank Lloyd Wright & Scottsdale Rd.) from 8:30am to 1pm

The ONLY REAL cause of your emotional eating...

...lies in your perfectionist, all-or-nothing, black-and-white thinking, your controlling nature and your deep seeded belief in your own not-enoughness. 

This class is not easy. It is not your magic pill. However, it IS the only permanent and real answer to END your emotional eating habit for good. 

Only 25 spaces available per class.

Half day intensive includes powerful Habit & Behavior Change training (on the root level problem), an invitation to the private client Facebook support group and healthy snacks

What attendees are saying...


Meet Your Trainer: Maya Nahra, RD

Maya Nahra is a behavioral registered dietitian teaching the way to whole health and well-being through a simpler, non-dieting way of life through habit and behavior change and a cultivation of enoughness.

She is the food and nutrition contributor for 3TV, has taught along side thought leaders such as Dr. Melissa McCreery, been featured on ABC and NBC News, Green Living and Taste of Home Magazines and the Elephant Journal.

Maya and has been named one of the top nutritionists from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating while her blog ( ranks number 3 in the country.

I've tried everything! What's so different?

This is the formula for permanence: in whole health and peace of mind. In this half-day intensive, you will learn the formulas for each and every area of habit change Maya describes below:


Eating is merely a way to sweep your less-than-desirable emotions 'under the rug.'

This isn't about the food - or any other avoiding behavior. You'll immerse yourself in the full formula for permanence. 

FROM ATTENDEES: "What would you tell someone thinking about coming to a live workshop?"

GO! NOW! Understanding the way you feel is the first step to changing your behavior.

It is a gift you give yourself.

Do it!

Maya is wonderful, so glad to have a behavioral RD in the Phoenix area. She is so positive, warm and loving. She teaches you tools to transform your life. If you want help, come to a seminar or consult with Maya.

You will learn why you've had such destructive ways.

Be open minded. Be ready to acccept that change is necessary to find your TRUTH!

DO IT! Eye opening. So much info that was helpful and hit home. Maya is coming from a place of love. She gets it. She's been there. This is life changing!

Prepare to have your foundation rocked in a great way. You will come away with tools to make major changes to your life - in a good good way!

Definitely come. This seminar is a tremendous spring board. 

Go, go, go... Do it, Do it. Give yourself this gift. 

It's well worth the investment in time and money. 


Next Workshop: April 8th and April 29th at the Hampton Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona (Frank Lloyd Wright & Scottsdale Rd.) from 8:30am to 1pm



  • Learn what a habit is
  • Learn how to create your new story - with food and with yourself
  • Learn what resistance is
  • Learn where initial resistance comes from
  • Understand what the cost of staying the same is
  • Learn how to identify physical habits you wish to change 
  • or create
  • Understand the five-step process to change a physical habit
  • Understand the stepping stone process 
  • Understand Potentially Dangerous Situations
  • Understand how to maintain and move your stepping stone routines forward
  • Identify your own emotional habits
  • Learn how to feel
  • Identify ways to feel that work for you, in your life
  • Identify an emotion, or the emotions, driving your emotional eating
  • Understand the purpose of emotion in your life
  • Learn the 5-step process that will allow you to begin to respectfully respond to less-than-desirable emotions
  • Identify the ways in which you create noise and numb yourself to life, in order to not feel
  • Identify the ways you can clear the noise and numbing behaviors from your life
  • Learn to talk with an emotion on your journey and receive it's gift
  • Journal and reflect on it's message and the implications it has on your life
  • Learn how to facilitate the departure of an old emotional habit from your life (help it out of your experience)
  • Understand the Focus Wheel exercise
  • Practice reducing emotional resistance through the use of the Emotional Guidance Scale
  • Learn the role of your brain and how it works
  • Understand the connection between thoughts and emotions
  • Practice developing your own emotional and thought awareness 
  • Understand the role of resistance in your thought habit change and how to overcome it
  • Learn and practice the power of thought redirection to change mental habits driving unwanted emotion
  • Understand how to use evidence journaling through the power of confirmation bias to anchor in new mental pathways in the brain
  • Begin to identify the belief systems driving your thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  • Learn the truth of your existence
  • Understand the next steps you must take outside of your one-day intensive plus additional accountability and support opportunities

All this, for only $47.

IF YOU HATE IT... I'll pay you back.

I'm SO sure that this is unlike ANYTHING you've ever done before that if the intensive doesn't help you in any way (new ah-ha's, awareness or breakthroughs), I'll pay you your ticket price back... making this a completely risk free experience to you.


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Do NOT allow doubt and fear of previous failed attempts to stop you from experiencing something you have never experienced before. Your opportunity to learn how to do this differently is here and now.