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Change: Why Secretly Everyone Wants To And Most Never Will

Do you know deep down you have more to do, give, be and have this lifetime than the level you're at now?...

Do you know in your heart, the job you're in now isn't what you really want to be doing? Or,

do you really need to change your health, but you're afraid you've tried everything to change it and nothing has worked? Or,

is stress, anxiety and/ or depression an everyday way of life, and you think this is just how life is? Or,

are you in a relationship - of any kind - that is no longer serving you but you can't seem to end it?

Humans are wired for expansion and growth, making change a necessary part of our evolution towards our highest potential. So why is it that we have more information than we've ever had before and we can't seem to make the changes we want to make for ourselves and our life?

Join Behavior Registered Dietitian and founder of Nuuaria, Maya Nahra, to learn how and why habitual thoughts, emotions and behaviors keep us from what we want most and how to begin to break the cycle for positive change.

You are investing in a 3-hour (okay, techincally it's 2 hours and 48 minutes) of inspiration, motivation and knowledge of a better way forward for your life. 


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What People Are Saying:

“I just LOVED the workshop I attended today with Maya... it was LIFE-CHANGING...”


“I walked away with a more positive attitude and more hopeful belief that I will be able to conquer everything...”


“Today I learned that I can believe in myself... it was freeing...”


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CHANGE: A 3-Hour Seminar with Maya $20.00 USD
Due Now $20.00 USD

I have read, understand and agree and that the $20 is in investment in my better future. I acknowledge there are no refunds for this seminar recording

I have also read, understand and agree to the policies and disclosures at Nuuaria, like the fact that Maya is not my doctor and cannot diagnose or treat disease. Last but not least, as much as I wish there was a magic pill available, I realize that this workshop is NOT my magic pill and I am ready to dive in with an open heart and open mind.