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Curriculum Introduction

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How To Change a Habit

Learn to create new habits in food and fitness with this 5-step behavior change process where you will learn to use willpower, strategically, to set you up for a lifetime of success. 

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A 6-Lesson Introduction Into Emotional & Thought Habits

[This is an extra curricular life course] Use this simple, 6-lesson, 6-worksheet course before diving into How to Think or How to Feel. It will give you an overview of how you will see and change your emotional and thought habits. You may then dive back into the foundational life courses. 

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How To Think

How to change your thought habits: differentiate between you and your thoughts; how to use thought redirection and meditation to change old patterns of thought; and how to practice evidence journaling to harness the power of confirmation bias and anchor in new thought systems.

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How To Feel

How to change your emotional habits: what emotions are; their role on your journey; how to feel; how to respectfully respond and transform less-than-desirable emotions; and how to allow emotions to be your journey guide

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What To Believe

This life course will teach you the truth of your life. This love-based truth will slowly begin to replace mind-created illusionary fear. Your own enoughness will take root as you learn how to change habitual thought patterns through a reduction in your own resistance with processes of surrender and deep let gos. You will learn to differentiate between human aspects and soul aspects to invite unconditional joy and happiness into your life.

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Office Hours with Maya

Weekly live coaching calls with Maya! Get the support you want every week here. 

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